Stu has been playing and teaching in the Front Range area for over 15 years. He is recognized as a dedicated, travelled, experienced and respected musician, having played with, been requested by, and constantly in demand to play with many Front Range musicians. Stu has had a wealth of experience playing drums professionally, touring in New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and now the Pikes Peak and Front Range regions. With over 20 years of playing experience, he has developed a natural ability, fine technique and the ability to adapt and fit into many different kinds of playing situations.

Currently, Stu is a member of the band Wrestle With Jimmy. Wrestle With Jimmy is a 90's and newer cover band in the Colorado area, playing hits from Weezer, Blink 182, Green Day, Eve-6, Stone Temple Pilots, and beyond. Wrestle with Jimmy has also created numerous original songs over the years designed to provide a great overall musical experience!

Stu also plays with the up and coming band, STEREO TRAMPS. STEREO TRAMPS is a variety band consisting of some of Colorado's top musicians. With a song roster of over 1000 tunes, STEREO TRAMPS is the band for ANY occasion. Weddings, Corporate Events, Country Ho-Downs, Jazz Standards, Dance Clubs, etc. You name it, STEREO TRAMPS can play it!

Lasty, Stu can be seen playing with The McDeviants. The McDeviants are a Celtic Folk Rock Band out of Colorado Springs, CO playing their own energized versions of your favorite Irish, Scottish, and other pub songs!

On occasion, Stu has also been known to be the fill-in drummer for a number of local bands within the Colorado Springs, Monument, Denver, and Castle Rock areas.

Other bands Stu has played with include:

6035 is a rock classics tribute band that takes pride in playing songs that sound just like the originals. They have been voted one of the Pikes Peak region’s top bands in the Colorado Springs Gazette and CS Independent, as well as the top performing band at the Colorado Springs Territory Days Festival, Springs 'Best Of' Music Awards, Spring Spree City Celebration, Pikes Peaks Atrs Fest, and MANY others!

Tent Show Kings
Tent Show Kings is a 7 piece variety band that plays all your favorite music from classic R&B to modern dance music, rock, funk, pop, and much more. The Tent Show Kings consist of a tight 3 piece rhythm section, dynamic vocals, and a powerful 3 piece horn section. Experience the Tent Show and keep your party rocking all night long!

Head Full of Zombies
Head Full of Zombies (a Top-40 cover band in the Colorado Springs area) has earned numerous awards over the years in both the Colorado Springs Independent and the Colorado Springs Gazette as “Best Band in the Springs”.

Pikes Peak College Jazz Band
(Jazz Standards and Bop)
(CO based acoustic)
Andy Clifton
(CO based solo artist)
(CO based solo acoustic)
Breakfast Brothers
(CO based rock)
Channel 27
(CO based hard rock)

And a variety of others spanning from Colorado to the New England and East Coast Regions!


Drumming reflects his personality.....PURE ENERGY!
Chris Parr
Singer/Songwriter - Colorado

Stu is a GREAT drummer!! Great Showman!!!
Bruce Danville
Bassist/Producer - New York

Stu is one of the most focused, knowledgeable, exciting drummers I've had the pleasure of knowing. He's tight in the pocket, exciting to watch, and super easy to follow. I've learned alot by watching him and having him instruct me with drum lessons. Easily one of the best choices you can make to better yourself and your skills!
Mark Hubert
Drummer - Colorado

The Hideout Band

Stu is one of the most versatile drummers I've ever had the pleasure of playing with. From rock to funk, from originals to covers, Stu knows how to write the perfect drum part for any piece of music you can dream up.
Jon Murray
Singer/Songwriter/Talent Agent - Los Angeles, CA

Murray Hill Talent
The one word that I would use to describe Stu's playing is solid. Everyone wants a drummer who is as technical and dependable as a clock. That is Stu. When you are out in front of him you can feel his solid playing and you know he'll always be there. If you're a drummer looking to take your playing to this level, than Stu is your guy. He'll give you the technique, develop your sense of timing and feel, and he may even give you a laugh or two while doing it.
Greg Ecks
Guitarist - Colorado Springs, CO

I have taken several lessons from Stu Pray and have learned a whole new respect for the art of drumming. I had played drums off and on for several years without any formal lessons when I seemed to hit a plateau in my advancement. I quickly realized the problem was the lack of reading the music I played. I could reproduce most beats, but had no idea how to put it all together properly. Stu came in and made learning the basics fun and entertaining.
Google Reviews
Google Review - Stu Pray

As with many drummers I talk with, I was having a hard time finding independence in my individual limbs while playing. Stu was able to break me through this with just two lessons. It has opened up a whole new range of beats for me to play with.
Google Reviews
Google Review - Stu Pray
Stu has been an amazing teacher. He has tons of energy and excitement for the lessons. His enthusiasm is contagious and he is genuinely excited when I'm able to master the current lessons. It makes for a really comfortable and positive learning environment.
Google Reviews
Google Review - Stu Pray
Stu Pray has been teaching both my 7 and 5 year old sons the drums and he is not only a fantastic drummer, but an even better teacher with a Gandhi like patience. My 2 boys are coming along great and Stu really shows them how to have fun and enjoy the drums and love the music which is exactly what I want in a drum teacher!
Google Reviews
Google Review - Stu Pray

I took my 10 year old son to Stu and he had him not only reading sheet music within the first 5 minutes but also playing beats. He is very patient with his students and he's extremely talented! Another great thing is that Stu has two drum sets at his location so that he can play and instruct with you at the same time. I recommend all drummers at any level to take lessons with Stu!
Google Reviews
Google Review - Stu Pray
I have seen Stu play live shows in various venues, from small bars to concert venues, even a basement. His presence on stage is so much more than the typical drummer sitting in the background. He adds a lively presence to the overall show and draws your eye to him with his charismatic energy.
Google Reviews
Google Review - Stu Pray
Stu is an excellent drummer and all-around musician with a passion for both performance and education - he loves to play and to share his craft with others. Anyone wanting to take their drumming to the next level can benefit from his professional experience and skill set. Highly recommended!
Google Reviews
Google Review - Stu Pray


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