Drum Lessons

Stu Pray is now accepting students for drum and drumset lessons in the Colorado Springs, CO and Front Range area, to include, Monument, Pueblo, and Castle Rock.

Whether you're new to the drums or an experienced drummer, it's always exciting--and sometimes a little bit scary-- to begin lessons with a new drum teacher. That's why Stu will do everything he can to make your lessons a friendly, supportive, relaxed learning environment for you!

What to Expect

Lessons for children age 8-12 usually focus on developing basic hand patterns and drum set rhythms that function as an exciting tool to help children gain a foundation in music while working to develop fine and gross motor skills, coordination, math, and fitting into a larger ensemble.

You can expect to learn: more...



Beginning Drummers

So you'd like to be a drummer, eh? Everyone wants to be Gene Krupa or Neil Peart on the first day, but it just isn't going to happen. Learning to drum is a process, and not usually a fast one. The key, along with proper lessons, is patience and trying to emulate what you hear your favorite drummers playing. Then listen to yourself and be critical; be overjoyed when you improve, but also be a tad hard on yourself when you don't. Trust me, if you stick with it, one day it more

Lessons Include:

  • The PAS Drum Rudiments
  • Reading Music
  • Rock and Funk Grooves
  • Jazz and Blues
  • Latin Feels
  • Fill and Soloing
  • Understanding Drum Charts
  • How to HAVE FUN!
...and much more!!

Buying Information

Your First Drum Kit

You can often find some great deals on the internet for used drums. Try visiting Ebay, they usually have at least 100 used drum kits for sale. Many times parents will buy drums for their children only to find that after a short time they lose interest. Then these drums end up for sale as used. A good deal for you!

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Buying Drumsticks and Cymbals

Buying Cymbals and/or drumsticks can be very intimidating. With all the different brands, sizes, types, sounds, and even colors, the whole process can get overwhelming fast! The key is this: DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!! If it sounds and feels good to you, you found the right stuff!!

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