Drumset Instruction

Lessons for younger children usually focus on developing basic rock and roll rhythms that function as an exciting tool to help children gain a foundation in music while working to develop fine and gross motor skills, coordination, math, and fitting into a larger ensemble.

Lessons for teenagers and adults are mostly structured in two parts. Drumming technique is the focus of the first part of each lesson to give students a strong understanding of how to play in a relaxed and efficient manner. This helps to make everything that is played on the drum set feel free and effortless. The second part of each lesson is dedicated to building up a vast array of rhythms. By slowly building the complexity and difficulty of the rhythms, students are immediately able to play grooves that both sound good and are challenging and fun to master.

ALL ages are welcomed and encouraged!

You can expect to learn:
- The 40 PAS Drum Rudiments (and applications for the drum kit)
- Quarter, Eighth, Sixteenth, and up to 32nd note Rock and Funk Grooves
- 4/4, 3/4, 6/8 and other odd time signatures
- Jazz, Blues, Latin, Half-time, and other time feels

Drum Lessons are offered by half-hour or hourly on a weekly basis. Contact Stu for rates and times available!


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